If you are a young adult, struggling to move to the next level of success in your career, business or personal life, Sheila is your go-to person. Her views are radical and result-oriented. She is known for her tough love mentoring style and passion to help her clients push their edges and fly. With a no-nonsense demeanor and a say-it-as-she-sees-it manner, she is a widely respected motivational speaker who inspires action and progress.

An acknowledged expert in her field, Sheila Ram Mohan is an internationally Certified Master Spirit Life Coach and has been awarded the honorarium through the International Coaching Federation. She is also a registered NLP-K practitioner. Her book, I Complete Me, available on all leading portals, is an example of the importance she gives to correcting the inner world, BEFORE getting results in the outer world.

Through her on-ground trainings, her webinars, her books & her YouTube Channel, Lumiere24, Sheila touches the lives of thousands of people sharing her learnings.

She is also a keen traveller on the spiritual path and believes in integrating spirituality in to day-to-day living. One of the few registered practitioners of NLP-K in India , she uses  it widely for a variety of healing therapies for those who ask. In addition to Coaching, she is also trained in a variety of healing modalities: EFT, Access Bars, Angel tarot, Bach Flower Remedies, Kundalini Reiki – which are used on a need-basis for therapies, if any.
She is credited with designing and mentoring programs for young adults that help them:
•     Discover their natural gifts and sense of purpose
•     Develop clarity about what they want from life
•     Change self-defeating behavioural patterns that have been holding them back
•     Improve self-confidence and motivation
•     Help create a plan to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be
•     Help them be future-focused and action-oriented
Her sessions are interactive and based on the nature of the group and their problem, she uses intuitive strategies and picks only the most relevant and effective techniques to guide them through the transformation process.    

Her four signature programs are:
It’s MY Life – for young adults
I Complete Me – a 2 day intensive intervention to learn self-love
Inner ReBoot – A premium destination retreat for body-mind-soul bootcamp
You & Money – A full day workshop to help couples understand principles of wealth creation

This is what she stands for:
Your personal story becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.
Today is the first day of your life, IF you make new choices.
Your income and impact depends on how you master your inner world.
Your heart will lead you to the right path…Trust your intuition.
Never let fears stop you…of course change is scary, but stagnation is scarier.
Once we move out of our comfort zones, our comfort zones itself expand…life is nothing but pushing those boundaries.
You need not know how you will reach your destination, all you need to know is your next step.
And most importantly…your only responsibility is to yourself…so stand up…speak up…and show up and shine. Don’t dim your lights to let others feel more secure…your playing small really doesn’t serve the world.

To schedule a free 45 minute coaching session, call Sheila on +919866577339 or book a session here: www.lumiere24.com/make-an-appointment