Alexander Becker -- a Renaissance Man, between industrial design and ideation to once reshaping a butt for subsequent cosmetic surgery -- channels LYROIS, notorious artist from Berlin, Kreuzberg. Informed by a rare flavor of intelligence and described as sharing genes with Keith Haring and Brian Eno.

In 1997, Alexander Becker drew a bunch of shapes, 17 figures gathered around the silhouette of a dancer. Since then, they come back, year after year, in always different styles and patterns, covering bags and wallpapers, populating store walls and windows, as well as being featured on tiny vinyl stickers and cut as huge decals or tableaux; elaborate arrangements on industrial materials. Repetition changes.

Lyrois is an art scheme, an experimental brand, and a design meme in the making. Lyrois sounds similar to the french Le Roi, yet it is otherwise unrelated. The shapes are sampled, over and over, with the techniques du jour, and the materials we contemporarily love; bright, opaque, or translucent vinyl, bullet-resistant acrylic glass, hi-tech paper, and industrial adhesive foil.