Lytecube is a early phase privately funded startup. The founders bring in a wide range of product R&D expertise from large corporations. The focus is on low cost easy to use products for  building database driven solutions.

Creating business solutions requires such a wide variety of skills and expertise that small businesses often settle with inadequate or too complex solutions. Lytecube addresses this issue through an innovative approach of zero code solution development. Our flagship products LyteRAD & LyteMobile provide a ready to use component framework for building applications for mobiles and desktops.

LyteRAD - A framework to build desktop, mobile and web-based database applications instantly. Code is completely eliminated from the development cycle to help users stay focussed on the solution and drastically cut development time. Build a usable and complete solution in a short time. Create solutions that are so simple to use and maintain that there is no need of expensive IT staff.

LyteMobile - A mobile platform for database applications. Create applications straight on your mobile phone. Build hundreds of applications both business and personal use. Track your retail inventory, carry your favorite sports information, have that sensitive sales data at your fingertips, or even carry a catalog of your entire music collection. So go ahead and build your own killer application on your mobile.

Encircle Suite - Ready to deploy solutions for various verticals like CRM for small businesses, healthcare management and real estate property management. EnCircle deployments are maintenance free and require zero administration. Encircle suite can be accessed as a conventional desktop application or as a web based service from any browser. No need of expensive servers or hosted web services.