Makeblock is the main brand of Maker Works, the slogan is “Construct Your Dreams”, which is an open-source arduino robot building platform to provide mechanical parts, electronic modules (sensors) and software for users to make dreams come true within minutes. There are over 200 mechanical parts, 30 different electronic modules and 10 different classic robot kits in total. All classic robot kits are companied with software on PC, Mobile or Pad. One of the biggest features of Makeblock robot building platform is to create a universal mechanical standards to confirm with different combinations of mechanical parts, as well as tons of open-source electronic modules and easy-to-use connect way with RJ 25 interface, which highly decrease the threshold of innovation and lead people to focus on the “creating” procedure to realize thoughts in mind. Currently, Makeblock had already been applied on various innovational education, project education like STEM/CDIO education as well as project experiences from Microsoft, Intel, Google and more.