Company History: 

April, 2011, Registered Shenzhen Hulurobot Technology Co., Ltd.

January, 2012, Changed the name to Shenzhen Maker Works Technology Co., Ltd.

March, 2012, Positioning, Targeting and Segmentation as well as paving the way for producing and Logistics, at the same time, Makeblock is the brand name and become one of the ten HAX (HAXLR8R) hardware incubators, the only Chinese team.

June, 2012, Official Site – starts to sell robotics

October, 2012, Completed the first Kickstarter at 185K, 6 times of original goal

June, 2013, Completed the cloud angel investment – 3 million RMB

April, 2015, Completed the second Kickstarter Project for mDrawbot at 195K USD

May, 2015, Completed the third Kickstarter Project for mBot at 285K USD

Up to October, 2015, Maker Works becomes one of the silver sponsors on Maker Faire New York 2015 and the employees reach at 120. 

Currently Main Product Lines:
  1. DIY Consumer Product – mBot series Products
  2. Maker Product – Ultimate Robot Kit, mDrawbot, mElephant 3D Printer
  3. Educational Product – MakerSpace Educational Kit



Product page:

mBot is an educational robot kit for kids to learn programming, arduino, electronics and more with mBlock software, which is based on scratch 2.0.

Main Features:

l  Based on scratch 2.0 to learn programming easily developed by MIT Media Lab, nice interface and easy for everyone.

l  Free & source code: the software is free and support Window & Mac systems. We will also open the source code later. 

l  Supports wireless communication: you can use Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless serial to communicate with mBot. And download the program wirelessly is supported. 

l  Mobile control support : mBot mobile app provided to control with mobile device; mBlockly mobile app created to program mBot with pad device

l  Supports standard Arduino boards, like Arduino Uno, Lenardo boards, Makeblock mCore(Based on Arduino Uno) and etc. With open communication protocols and source code, it is easy to add new support for new hardware.

l  Easy to use: No additional helper app. The easiest way to program your Arduino and robots.

What can you do with mBot...

Build a wall avoidance robot

Build a line follower robot

Play some musical tones.

Control the robot by remote control provided or standard TV remote

IR communication with other mBots for robotic cooperation like dancing.

Interact with Scratch, using sensors to play games and stories in Scratch 2.0.

Controlled by App to play football or fight!

Ultimate Robot Kit

 ultimate robot


Product page:

Ultimate Robot kit is an 10-in-1 advanced robot kit for makers to free imagination to enjoy the assembling pleasure with  everything you need to construct your robot dreams: metal geared motors, Arduino-compatible controller, programmable RGB LED strip, different kinds of sensors, robotic gripper and other mechanical parts.




 Product page: 

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