About lily and girl Child (The Transition - In Poetic Form)
lily(like the flower), grew up in Compton, California and began writing poetry, songs and short stories at the age of ten. lily spends much of her time writing, promoting her first book girl Child (The Transition - In Poetic Form) and hosting poetry/ self-expression workshops for at-risk youth. lily is currently working on her first spoken word album and a second collection of poetry.

As an author, poet and lyricist, lily's strong voice holds true behind the powerful message of acceptance and self-love that she promotes in her poetry and music.  

About the book girl Child (The Transition - In Poetic Form)

girl Child puts into poetic verse a young woman's journey from adolescence to adulthood. girl Child's message is as honest and witty as it is empowering.
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ISBN-10: 0976152320/ ISBN-13: 978-0976152323.
Paperback 64 pages. Adult language and subject matter. Parental discretion is advised.  

Reviews (Average rating 4.8 STARS out of 5)
4 STARS - By Cashana Seals of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers (RAWSISTAZ.com)
With 24 poems, GIRL CHILD by Lily encompasses a vast array of personal stories told in a poetic form that not only enlighten but also allow readers to feel the depth of Lily's experiences in life. From negative statements about self to heartbreak, Lily covers the gamut in the collection whether it is personal or social issues.

Choosing my favorites poems was not easy because all of them are remarkable. The title poem, "girl Child" talks about a young girl who loses her innocence only to have her heart broken. "Rebirth" tells of a person who has suffered but is able to be reborn and not broken by life's trials. "Let It Be" is about two lovers who were not able to let go of other issues and let love enter their lives. "Simple Hello" is a piece with social connotations on what an individual can do for others.

GIRL CHILD is a beautifully written collection of poetry. Lily uses her heart as a meter in creating emotional prose that speaks to a reader's mind and heart. The poems rhythms are at times smooth and alluring and sometimes sad and realistic depending on the subject matter. As a woman I was able to identify with several of the pieces and I think other women will also be captivated with the style and strength of each of the poems in this compilation and find her messages empowering.

5 STARS - And Still We Rise
Pastor Crissina D. Johnson (TheFathersCall@aol.com), a pastor and author from L .A., CA.
One of my favorite poems is Still I Rise by Maya Angeleou because it confronts the demons who have attempted to defame, crush and destroy me and my African American sisters past and present while herolding our stregnths, beauty and resolve to excell and overcome. Although I am a pastor and would express my experiences with a different voice, Girl Child hits the nail on the head for many Black women in expressing our feelings of pain, rejection and abandonment while we struggle through the craziness to finally come to a place of self discovery, selfworth and peace. Right On sister Lily! Girl Child is blunt, truthful and a page turner!

5 STARS - Powerful!
A reviewer
Powerful and moving. The honesty and emotion is real and refreshing. Highly recommended.

5 STARS - I Feel You !!!!!
A reviewer
Everything that I read made me think about everything that I do, everything that I need to do, or everything that I need to stop doing. The book made me feel as if I were telling these stories. And it gave me validation, kinda like I was saying 'okay Im not the only one'. Its a really great book!!!

5 STARS - girlChild
A reviewer
I enjoyed reading 'girlChild'. It made me laugh, it drew tears to my eyes. It was an inspiring book of poetry written by a smart woman for smart woman and every woman should read this book. It was inspirational and overall a 'feel good' about myself book. Thank you Lily!

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