Marc Maclean
Mr. Maclean has a diverse background. He has owned and developed numerous investment projects outside of the city. He began with the purchase of land in Connecticut, subsequently sold to a developer. This established his passion for all facets of real estate. He continued from the investor side, building a small portfolio of properties which included land, residential, and commercial structures. When he expanded his commitment in real estate to the sales side, he found his experience as an investor extremely valuable.
He has owned and run a modeling agency in New York with which he gained global recognition. This experience provided invaluable skills that serve him well in commercial and investment real estate sales. He has a strong track record of selling and leasing both commercial and residential property in the city for over 10 years. As a result of his background, he has taken on and maintained strong ties in the fashion and film businesses.

His expertise extends to all major land uses - office, industrial, hotel, residential, and mixed-use properties. From single-use properties to large-scale, mixed-use developments, he offers objective advice on projects ranging in size.
By combining this perspective with the real estate industry, he provides clients with real estate solutions specifically tailored to their needs.  He understands that accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment.