Our Mission:
To provide a specialized resource for mascot staffing and consulting nationwide.

Our Philosophy
Being "emotionally touched" by actually meeting the character in person is key to the character being acknowledged and remembered. The public does not go to a theme park or a mall to simply watch a character on stage. They can have the same experience watching TV. They go to theme parks and events to actually "meet" their favorite character, shake his/her hand, get a photo and take home a fun memory. Those few moments with a character are important to your potential customers both young and old.

A professional mascot performer is key to bringing "life" to your character. All too often companies rely on internal personnel or unskilled temps to portray their characters. This enables the character to stand up but still doesn't bring life or personality to the character. It simply looks like a miserable person in a hot sweaty mascot suit. Our professional mascot performers will not only make your character stand up, we will make them stand out!

If your character looks like he or she is having fun and positively interacting with guests, they are more likely to believe the character and look past the person in a costume. This change in mindset is crucial to creating the "top-of-mind" awareness you want associated to the products and brands your mascot represents.

What would you rather have your potential customer remember:

"That person in the tiger suit must have been miserable"

- or -

"That tiger was so much fun he made our daughter laugh; that's all she has talked about since we got home"