Mason Parker is a web enthusiast. Through http://masonparker.com he'll teach you how to be the same.
Mason will reveal free or low-cost tools to build a profile online quickly and effectively to brand you and your business ...some will work for your circumstances and some may not be for you.

The internet is often perceived as being expensive or technical - it can be if you want it to be but there are many tools that are effective and don't cost the earth.

For example http://youtube.com is free toolo for hosting webvideos, if you had access to a low-cost video editor would you use www.youtube.com for your busines?

If you run a physical business and want the world to find you do you know how to:
-organise for a website to be made?
-update your own website
-buy a domain name (er or is the question what's a domain name?)

http://masonparker.com is a dynamic website that will respond to your questions, and will offer searchable content including a free newsletter.