"My Enlightenment Delusion: experiences and musings of a former Transcendental Meditation teacher" by Matt Landing is an Amazon.com book.

Matt Landing recounts the ups and downs in his life as a Transcendental Meditation teacher which were sometimes humorous. He explains the events that led up to his kundalini crisis in 1990 at which time he had ecstatic realizations that he was enlightened. Later he painfully became aware that his enlightenment was a grandiose delusion.

Matt provides an entertaining account of his life with a look behind the scenes of the TM organization, advanced training courses, and the TM-Sidhis course. The book also contains a thought-provoking analysis of kundalini, enlightenment, celibacy, gurus, kriyas, speaking in tongues, Pure Awareness, super radiance, and reincarnation.

Matt explains why the similarities between grandiose delusions, psychotic mania, and kundalini crises are more than a coincidence. He provides recommendations for those who are in the midst of a kundalini crisis. Matt explains how spiritual aspirants become ungrounded and offers suggestions on how to become grounded.

He provides evidence against the existence of enlightenment. He looks at some of the unflattering characteristics of gurus and labels them as “guru maniacs”.

Beginning in 1972 while reading books in college, Matt acquired a desire to reach enlightenment. He then learned TM, went on numerous TM residence courses, practiced the TM-Sidhis program, ate a predominately raw food diet, fasted, detoxed his body, and used self muscle testing. His spiritual practice took 3 hours per day and included asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

My Enlightenment Delusion is a 36,000-word book that delivers a powerful punch against enlightenment, gurus, spiritual movements, and religions. Matt strikes at the concepts of karma, kundalini, shaktipat, faith, support of nature, devotion to a guru, Pure Awareness, and right action.