McCampbell Global is a business consultancy that does just one thing.  We help American businesses identify and successfully pursue growth opportunities overseas.

Our People have lived, worked, struggled and achieved in every corner of the globe, extending American brands and American business know-how into growing new markets for the companies they represent.

Companies like Medtronic, Walmart, West, E-Bay, Best Buy, United Health Group, General Mills, 3M.  All of these fine companies have entered new foreign markets by choosing from a mere handful of proven market entry scenarios.  

So can yours.

From finding the right foreign distributor, to setting up an international sales operation, to making a foreign acquisition, our people have been there, done that.

They have worked in your industry.  They know how to find the global strategy, structure, timing, risk/return profile and cost level that’s right for your company today.

Working with McCampbell Global is simply the fastest, safest, most cost-effective way to get you, your people and your company started confidently down the road to global growth.

A New Approach

McCampbell Global is a new kind of international business development consultancy.  We approach your interests and goals with a unified vision of how business operates in foreign markets.

We see the entire landscape because all business--everywhere--is conducted along four dimensions: Commercial, Legal, Cultural and Political.  When we, as American business people, conduct business in the U.S. or North America, we can assume many things in each of those four dimensions.  But when we get on a plane and go to another country--particularly an Asian, Middle Eastern or Central European country--all bets are off in all four dimensions.

You've probably heard someone comment that doing business in Country X "is complicated."  Perhaps.  It isn't complicated for the natives of that country, but it can be very complicated, time consuming, expensive and unfulfilling for the unprepared, assumption-burdened foreigner.  

McCampbell Global operates--as it must--in all four dimensions of global business.  Our people are specialists in the commercial, legal, cultural and political systems of the countries you want to enter.  We give you a set of new assumptions and useful perspectives that will help prepare you and your people to succeed in new places.

Duncan McCampbell, President

Tapped to lead global start-up projects across Europe and Asia for Thomson Reuters for more than a decade, Duncan has lived and worked in such culturally, legally and commercially diverse places as London, Frankfurt and Beijing.  

His global start-up development work has spanned the globe, with leadership and team roles in China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Italy, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

A Globally Recognized Leader on Business and the Law

Duncan is a frequent speaker and lecturer on international business and legal issues.  His participation in information industry affairs includes speaking invitations to the Software and Information Industry Association's Global Summits in 2006 and 2007.  

At Bethel University Duncan is lead faculty for Bethel's MBA Capstone business plan course, where he shares proven methods for understanding markets, identifying and measuring commercial opportunity, securing funding, and building sustainable business operations.  

Duncan's lectures on Comparative Law at Hamline University School of Law focus on the commercial, legal/regulatory and cultural adjustments that American businesses must make when seeking to extend their operations into other countries.

Duncan has lectured as far afield as Beijing, where he is recognized as a specialist on the licensure and regulation of businesses.