MCOliverPR LLC focuses on two main areas of public relations. First we hone in on the interests of your external customers, the guests who will become your extraordinary fans. We use several angles to get you noticed. We take pride in capturing the right kind of publicity for each and every client. Some of our external customer related services are listed below. However, there are no limits to what we can do. Please contact us about your PR needs.

1. Press Kit Design
2. Media Relations
3. Author Support and Book Launches
4. Author Proposals
5. Author Marketing Strategies
6. Media Round Tables
7. Image and Brand Development
8. Graphic Art Design
9. Web Design
10. Placement in the News and the Media
11. Television Interviews and Film placement
12. Special Events/ Listening Parties/ Red Carpet Event
13. Crisis Management

Our second area of concentration applies to your internal employees. Employees can make or break a company, and at MCOliverPR we are aware of some of the challenges that managing a staff can bring. We have designed an Internal PR consultation program to work with you and your employees by applying specific areas of methodical studies of the workplace. Our primary focus is to concentrate on Public Relations in the realm of customer and employee retention. We have dubbed this process to be the Industrial and Organizational Public Relations (IO-PR) system. This is the road-map that leads to optimum success and satisfaction for your business, to bridge the occasional gaps between your external (buying customer) and internal customers (your employees).
Below are some of the services we offer in work psychology as it applies to our Internal Public Relations Services.

• Talent and Strategy Management
• Designing of processes to staff employees
• Coaching, Learning and Continuous Employee Development
• Performance Management
• Assessment of current training programs.
• Corporate Culture & Citizenship
• Corporate Integration
• Motivational Incentives
• Under-Performing Employee Evaluations
• Project Management
• Vendor Management
• Customer Management
• Organizational Effectiveness
• Corporate Strategy
• Affiliate Programs
• Cognitive Programs
• Quality of Work Life
• Balancing Occupational Stressors
• Resume Building