MegaLeagueSoccer limited is a unique social media and mobile e-sports team gaming platform company. The first game being released by the company, MegaLeagueSoccer, is for football fans worldwide.  

Played as a five a side game for fun or competitively in leagues on any device, MegaLeagueSoccer aims to be the ultimate football game. Players will play with  football content including recent Premier League, UEFA Cup, World Cup,  Africa Cup of Nations matches, teams, leagues and more.  Ultimately MegaLeagueSoccer aims to provide millions of questions and answers to players including major matches in real-time as they are being played.

Aside from premium content created by the company on   major football teams, players can also register to own and contribute their content based on their favorite club anywhere in the world and build a community of other fans.

Other games in development include similar knowledge and team action games for Cricket, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, US Football and Netball.