Hello everyone! If you are in this section, there is a question in your head:

Who are you?

We are the smallest possible team (two people!), and we both think that there are many good mobile applications.

Tell me more, please...

We do this because we like it. We know there are new applications every day, new companies come and most of them are a thousand times greater than ourselves.

So, does this make sense?

We think so, because our small size allows us to deal directly with you, resulting in applications designed according to your needs.
So please don't be shy and send us your suggestions! We'll be pleased and grateful to receive them.

By the way, where are you from?

We're from Barcelona, in Spain

Anything else?

Yes! As we said, we look forward to your ideas and suggestions! Please write us to suggestions@megaphonik.com, and tell us what you think about the web, the apps or anything you want.

Best regards, and have a nice day!