Mermaid inspired calendars, posters, prints, original paintings, note cards and more…

Canton, CT – February 16, 2011  – Mermaid inspired calendars, posters, prints, notecards, t-shirts, paintings and more created by Artist, Susan Decker.  One day I woke up and decided to be a mermaid… but how? To all you mermaid lovers out there, I hope my mermaids and their messages inspire you to join me on this journey, releasing your inner mermaid. 
So let go of the shore, unbind your hair, and make a splash as together we discover our ‘sea sides’.
OK I admit it. I’m obsessed with mermaids. When I started thinking about mermaids and what they mean to me, I realized that you don’t have to live by the ocean to be a mermaid. We all have the ocean within us. And you don’t have to trade in your legs for a tail. We can call on our feminine strength, the goddess within to guide us, to…
Float Freely, Swim Deeply and Love Completely.

It’s hard to ‘float freely’ when faced with life’s challenges. But that’s when you ‘swim deeply’ and find the strength to endure. It would seem that ‘love completely’ would be the easiest advice to follow. To be kind, a good person and respect yourself, others and the world around you. I started painting. Painting mermaids. My goal– to create millions of mermaids!  Mermaids with something to share. Special messages about life, introspection, and their love of the sea.

About ‘How to Be a Mermaid’
Susan Decker formerly the Vice President/Creative Director of Funnybone Interactive, a division of Vivendi Universal, designed and produced innovative educational entertainment products for various brands, including JumpStart, Fisher Price and Mattel. Having spent years creating art on the computer, she is thrilled to be rediscovering her roots as a painter, bringing ‘How to be a Mermaid’ to life.

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