In November, 2014, Metamorphose began to emerge from the cocoon. The website went live and we opened our doors to submissions. Year one showed some growth, with more than 100 submissions for the November 2015 Issue One.

Our Mission

Here at Metamorphose, we want nothing more than to offer a credible source for authors seeking to break into Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing. Our mission is to help that happen. After all, we are all about metamorphosis.

To help give our authors all we can, the next few years will see us unveiling a number of additional programs to writers including: local and online writing circles, partnerships with professional publishing services and publishers, educational partnerships, and more. We are about more than just getting your words in print. We want to help writers reach their fullest potential.

The Magazine

Metamorphose is primarily an online journal. We plan to publish:
•4-8 short stories between the two genres each month.
•1 breakout novel in either the Science Fiction or Fantasy genre to read and review. We do this to help breakout authors gain a larger audience. (See our submissions page for details.)
•4-8 craft articles each month. The articles are written both in-house and by authors who have successfully navigated their way into the publishing world.
•1 Editor & Readers Choice anthology containing 10-15 of our top stories from the last year. Authors chosen for the anthology are eligible to receive royalties.
•1 novella per year, published in our anthology.

Copies of the anthology are available on our Issues page, and can be purchased as:
•Print book

Our Staff

Metamorphose is currently run by staff who work on a volunteer basis. Metamorphose would rather find a way to pay the authors before concerning ourselves with the staff.