Founded in 2016, we are a Florida based 501 C 3 non-profit organization working towards creating a global network of media changemakers. We do our work through original content creation, non-profit support and celebration of the work of impactful media makers around the world.

Currently we are in various stages of development of 2 podcasts New Old Eats about the journey of foods over time and geographies. This podcast will also be available in Spanish under the title Nueva Vieja Comer. Currently in production, both podcasts will be available later in 2021. We released our podcast series Where Dreams Come From in March 2021. Where Dreams Come From is a transmedia project exploring the power of dreams in shaping the futures of people and communities.

Our partnership with the Florida non-profit One Water Academy is aimed at creating the One Water One World (OWOW) public talk series aimed at bridging the gap between water sector knowledge and the entrepreneurial spirit.