Michael Allen presents the Ashlie Wrote Bookcover Contest

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Ashlie Wrote

Models and Graphic Artists Welcome

But, you don't have to be a professional model or a professional graphic artist to enter and compete.      

It's Easy:  Join the Ashlie Wrote Community and Start Promoting Yourself.

A Danger to Society Michael AllenMichael Allen, the author of A Danger to Society, presents the Ashlie Wrote Bookcover Contest. A one-of-a-kind opportunity for models and graphic artists to have fun competing for the cover of Ashlie Wrote. Meanwhile, gain exposure to your own ventures - offline as well as online...

Your profile is yours to use for promoting everything that you have going on in your life. Subject only to our Terms of Use, which are only safegaurds put in place to keep this a clean contest.

But, have fun promoting your websites. Promote your profiles. Promote your online portfolio. Get exposure!

If you win, you'll have all the exposure you need. You will not only be featured on the cover of Ashlie Wrote, but you will also be mentioned on the copyright page along with any other company, agency or website information that is appropriate. Not to mention all the hype you are going to get while the contest lasts and long afterwards. So, get in...get involved...get yourself on the cover of Michael Allen's next novel. We can't wait to see who wins!

    How it Works:  Upload your best photos.  Make your About Me interesting.  Show off a video.  Tell people about your websites, profiles and portfolios across the internet and basically, get people as interested in You as you can.

    We will start voting shortly and it will continue until August 1, 2009.  So, tell your friends and family about your Ashlie Wrote profile and have them take a look.  Every vote you get is just one more step closer to getting on the cover of Ashlie Wrote.

So, Join Now!