Michael E. Gerber

The Leader of the Pack

Michael E. Gerber doesn’t just speak as he travels all over the world:

   * He electrifies audiences all around the world by inspiring them to dream
   * He awakens infinite options in his listeners for the pursuit of the impossible
   * He leads his Team with tough compassionate love
   * He creates Strategic Relationships with people all over the world
   * He tells it how it is
   * He drives home the extraordinary and eviscerates the ordinary
   * He brings everyone to that most special place in the world — that place where their imaginations begin to soar. That place Michael E. Gerber calls The Dreaming Room
   * He loves music and plays the Saxophone
   * He reads and writes poetry
   * He love beauty impeccability!
   * He is happily married and lived is sunny beautiful California
   * Michael E. Gerber ~ He is a Genius, the world yet does not know!

“Wake up!” Michael Gerber says. “Wake up and see what’s missing in your life, in your business, in your work, in your job, in your relationships. And then, when you see what’s missing, go to work ON your business, go to work ON your life, go to work ON your job, to create what you’ve always wanted, but somehow lost.”

“You can have everything you want in your life.” Michael E. Gerber asserts, “All you need to do is to see it, explore it, invent it, and pursue it with earnest passion. And, I’ll show you how.”

Michael E. Gerber will ignite new energy into your audience and they will be forever changed and grateful to you for the experience.

We can’t imagine that any of you are unaware of who Michael Gerber is, but in case you’ve been out of touch for the past 30+ years, let us tell you.

Michael E. Gerber is the author of what are considered to be by people in the know, thirteen of the most important books for small business owners ever written. He calls them The E-Myth books, for which he has received unrivaled best seller acclaim from The New York Times, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and countless other business publications throughout the world, where his books are published in 29 languages and used in145 countries.

His E-Myth Revised Silver Anniversary in 2010 is a classic. Michael E. Gerber’s Principles for Entrepreneurship are right now being applied to young entrepreneurs in the Huddersfield University in London.

Michael E. Gerber is much more than an author, however. He is a world renowned entrepreneur and entrepreneurial thought leader. He is the founder and Chairman, Michael E. Gerber Companies, his most tantalizing all in the pursuit of Awakening The Entrepreneur Within. This company has an aura, vision and acuity with such Global Promises he himself Dreams of and sees the complete picture, and is palatable to each human being he shares the Dream with and or touches by phone or in person!

Michel E. Gerber founded E-Myth in 1977, one of the largest coaching businesses of its kind in the world. He has coached, trained, consulted and taught E-Myth principles and processes to more than 60,000 small business clients in over 145 countries.

Michael E. Michel E. Gerber is the founder, Chairman In The Dreaming Room, and founder, Chairman of Origination, his newest venture launch date 4.22.10, the companies he has created to stimulate entrepreneurial invention and imagination throughout the world.

Mr. Gerber has spoken to tens of thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers to Bring The Dream Back to American Business with his passionate, unbridled optimism and insight as to why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it. About how to bring the Dream Back to your business and, in the process, to awaken the entrepreneur within you and your enterprise.