Michelle Meleo was born and raised in Lakeville, Massachusetts, a small New England town just outside of Plymouth, MA. Michelle has been aware of her psychic abilities since childhood and has spent most of her life developing those skills. She believes that everyone has the capability to access and develop psychic skills for personal as well as professional uses.
Throughout the years, Michelle’s readings would grow to become mini guidance sessions for the individual that she was working with. These mini guidance sessions would be filled with inspiration and messages from deceased loved ones, providing healthy suggestions and solutions towards personal growth and healing.
In 2000, Michelle received her Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification from The Hypnotherapy Training Co. and began creating CD's and mp3's as Mind Trip Productions. To date, Michelle has created and published numerous works that include hypnosis programs, easy to understand workbooks and hypnosis recordings to help others recognize and develop their own psychic skills. She also has created hypnosis products for weight loss, stress relief, finding prosperity, reducing physical pain, sports and athletic enrichment, overcoming addictions, improving skills and performance, spirituality, loss/dealing with grief and sleep enrichment.
Michelle currently lives in Cape Coral, Florida with her husband, Dave. She periodically travels the country for book signings, workshops, lectures and public speaking events.
Publications by Michelle:
Playing Charades With the Deceased; Your Four Steps to Success 28 day program; Psychic Activation Hypnosis Program; The Prosperity; Mind Hypnosis Program; Quick & Easy Weight Loss Program; Enhance My Calm Hypnosis Program
Michelle's Accreditation's:
Certified Clinical Hypnotist(ABH); Naturopathic Doctorate 2000 (AINH); Chinese Holistic Therapist 2000 (AINH); Reiki Master/Teacher/Usui System 2001; Professional Psychic; Ordained Minister (ULC)