Midwest Optical Systems is the innovator in the manufacture of optical filters for machine vision systems of all types and sizes.

MidOpt's machine vision filters are designed to pass only the output of all common LEDs or laser diodes, thereby providing better control over the harmful effects of ambient light. This added control helps to increase contrast and resolution to improve overall image quality and repeatability.

Dense, rugged coatings assure consistent, long-term performance, even in the harshest environments. These high-transmission filters eliminate the need for a shroud, reducing system cost, footprint and installation lead time.

Available from stock in nearly 70 types with 16 standard thread sizes from M22.5 to M62 and 8 fast-build sizes to M105, most orders are shipped the same day. Provided in mounts to easily screw into lenses that have filter threads, or for those lenses without filter threads such as commonly found in wide-angle lenses, slip-on mounts are available. Filters are also offered in any size or shape as glass-only for uses such as placement over the camera's sensor.

To help installers determine what type of filter works best for an installation, MidOpt developed a series of Filter Kits to test with and help understand filter functions. Different kits contain a selection of filters with curves, data points and educational material in a ring binder for ease of use and understanding.

MidOpt offers a comprehensive range of CCTV lenses from the leading suppliers in factory automation. Custom and stock optical components and assemblies are manufactured including single and multiple element lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, beamsplitters and much more.

For more information, visit the all-new website at www.midopt.com or call 847-359-3550.