Mindful Birth Institute is a space for pregnant women to discover information, tips & tricks on creating a natural and joyful pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy and Childbirth coach Ilona Schenk-Cherry has helped countless women achieve their ideal birth over her six-year career in the field. Now her business has expanded to helping women to work towards a pregnancy and birth they envision thru her online presence. The education and exercises are all geared to increase women’s confidence in their body, mind, and spirit.  The program includes meditation, mindfulness, pre-natal yoga, and more as it has shown to bring about optimal health for mom and baby.

What makes her approach different? She starts by helping the women find out what they really want aside from all fears, history, and outside influences. Once the women know what their true vision of birth entails they then can move forward in asking their outside support team the right questions. This approach is vastly different from the medical approach were seeing the same caretaker during the prenatal visits is becoming a luxury.

For more information visit www.mindfulbirthinstitute.com