Mindful gurukul is dealing with school going children between the afge of 6years and 16 years (class 1 to clas 10 )
We teach in schools as wel as private groups
For schools
Interested parents are requested  to write to us and we can arrange a meeting with principal and authorities
We can also arrange an orientation lecture for parents depending on the permission
For groups
A minimum number of 10 students belonging to the same class (standard )
has to be there there to start the sessions
The course consists of 16 to 20 sessions as per the need of the children.
Each session is for 15 mins to 45 mins depending on the interest and capacity of the student.
Workbooks will be provide to know the progress of the student.
a Pre and Post test is done to see the difference in the children .
the venue is decided as per the agreement between parents and children.
For knowing the cost of the sessions  and further details you can contact on  02265613375.