“MONEY For Your Used Clothing” publishes the values for over 1,200 used clothing and household items commonly donated to charity that comply with the new IRS Guidelines. As the first in the market in 1990, “MONEY For Your Used Clothing” is the only tax publication that complies with IRS Guidelines and guarantees itemizing taxpayers will save at least $250 on their tax return. (Most save even more.) “MONEY For Your Used Clothing” protects the taxpayer against interest and penalties associated with overstating the value of the donation. Valuing donations is difficult because the tax law does not allow charities to set values. In fact, donors are responsible for obtaining the current fair market value of their donated items. If you overstate the value on your tax return, you risk an audit, penalties and interest. If you under-estimate the value, you pay more taxes than you should and get a smaller refund. “MONEY For Your Used Clothing” removes the guesswork with a simple, seven-step process in accordance with IRS Guidelines. “MONEY For Your Used Clothing” has been featured in numerous publications including Money, Kiplinger’s, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Retails for $25 (add $4 shipping) www.MFYUC.com or toll free 866.417.7678.