monii - noun [muhn-ee]   1. an online tool for managing customers.  2. a platform for building strong business relationships.  3. a way of managing all quotes, invoices and payments.  4. a complete cloud-based productivity system

Monii is an innovative financial technology company, initially providing sales management tools and developing invoicing solutions for small businesses.

By releasing the data locked in legacy systems, we are connecting disparate teams for enhanced collaboration.  We solve the problem of where to go for joined up prospect and customer information, eliminating productivity blockers.

It’s our belief that productive teams are free to grow quicker and with efficient growth comes increased profits.

We have successfully engineered and built a ‘sales ready’ software system. We have ensured that our technology is both scalable and future proof. We have met every challenge associated with a software build of this kind, being on time and within budget for all development activities.

Our technology stack is designed to be compatible with next-generation tools and techniques, and is device agnostic. We have engineered software that brings together industry leading system architecture. Our technical understanding allows us to craft a truly unique environment built on Domain-Driven Design, Event Sourcing, and CQRS to maximise performance, scalability and security.

We have been noticed by industry leaders as an emerging and highly innovative participant in the financial technology revolution.  It is followed with interest by people who have dealt with the founders before, and has been referenced at major technology conferences including Symphony Live, True PHP and Dutch PHP.