Morgan Taylor is an independent company that specialises with the purchase and sale of fine wine assets. We pride ourselves on having a wealth of experience and an extensive knowledge into helping clients receive financial benefits by investing into fine wine.

Whether you are a new or an established wine investor, with our professional guidance we will help you maximise the benefits of investing into fine wine and building a portfolio of the rarest and most sought after vintages on the international market.

Fine wine investments have become somewhat of a global phenomenon over recent years outperforming most traditional investments including the financial markets, bank based ISAS and Gold. Although fine wine is a new area to most people the history of fine wine spans back almost 2,000 years to the Roman times.

As with all luxury items like fine wine, 'supply and demand' is a significant factor in determining the price of wine. Scarcity is a highly effective catalyst for a wine's market value. As wine is a diminishing asset the price is constantly rising as supply is decreasing.

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