Founded in 2013 and located in Reno, NV, Move Your Mountain is a crowdfunding community dedicated to providing a positive platform to meet all your fundraising needs. Utilizing a team of enthusiastic and dedicated experts, we are committed to the success of your online fundraising efforts.

Anyone can start a fundraising campaign with Move Your Mountain:

Start ups
Start a campaign, set a goal, and share with your contacts. Our website has been developed with you in mind. We’ve secured your payment processing, made the webpages easy to navigate, and made it a one-click process to share your campaign on all social media channels. Moving Your Mountain has never been easier.

There are many features that set us apart from the other crowdfunding platforms, a few of which are:

Branded Pages—Your group, organization, or business can let go of your traditional website with our all inclusive “branded page”. These pages include all the details about your campaign and can even include multiple campaigns running at the same time. Our branded pages are backed by our secured network and technical team.
Text Updates—You can update your campaign while “on the go” with our easy to use texting update feature. Upload photos, videos, or just give everyone an update of what’s happening at an event.
Movers—We love groups and teams working together, that’s why we’ve developed a great feature in your branded page! You can have multiple people working for your cause and all donations will go to your main campaign. These movers will be raising funds in support of your cause and increasing the reach potential of your campaign.
Flat fee—We don’t want any questions about what fee you’ll pay to fundraise on our platform…so, we’ve made it as easy as possible. 4% flat fee plus transaction fee (of 2.9%). If you don’t reach your goal…you get all your money…and you get it all at only 4% plus transaction fee. We don’t penalize you for not reaching your goal.
Ongoing Campaigns—MoveYourMountain.org offers ongoing campaigns, where donors can opt to donate a fixed amount monthly vs. a set one time donation. For campaigns that are ongoing, this is a great value added service provided.
We think you’re going to love what we can offer you!