Hi, my name is Jasmine and I started this art shop in 2015. I have been sculpting and painting my entire life. I love my cell phone and I use it for watching movies, YouTube videos, and for contacting my friends and family.

My crafting adventure started when I wanted to find a cute cell phone case to buy on the Internet. I could not find anything that suited my taste. I started doing research on kawaii phone cases and I found the word "decoden" online. Since I love crafting and creating things, I decided to start making my own cute phone cases. Soon after, my friends, family, and people around the neighbourhood started commissioning me for my artwork.

Now, I have made a huge following on social media and I also stock my artwork in brick and mortar stores. I have showcased my artwork at various conventions, including but not limited to, AnimeNorth, ConBravo, and the Sailormoon Celebration.

Aside from my own artwork that I sell under mowgen, I have branched out and created www.kawaiievents.com to promote cute culture in Toronto.  

Our mandate is to create a community space influenced by art, illustration, and fashion, inspired by the root word “可愛”. Our kawaii events differ from regular comic conventions and anime conventions because of our passion of curating cute artwork and fashion from Asia. We strive to create an accessible market and mini con that is free to the public. Our kawaii events cater to those who cannot afford to attend an expensive convention, for those who want to hang out with their friends at a convention, for people who love to cosplay, for those who love photography, and for people who want to do holiday shopping at an adorable market.