Mrs. Muffin Topp is a book written to help women overcome the hurdles in their lives that prevent them from moving forward. It is a book written to help struggling women to first recognize and understand the reasoning for why they may be struggling in areas such as relationships, finances, careers and mental and physical health. It also provides some tips to help them start to move in the direction of change; in small bite sized pieces. It is surely a book about personal development, encouragement and the inspiration to have the life that they have always desired. While Mrs. Muffin Topp is designed to help women understand the connection that weight plays in a life that is unfulfilled, it is not a book specifically about weight loss. Instead it is a book to help women gain more control over their lives and in turn it could help to gain control over some of the contributing factors of weight issues. So if there is a woman who is suffering in any of these areas as long as they have the willingness to change this book can help to point them in the right direction.