The Muniak Family - Missionaries to America have been creating unique and entertaining Christian media content for years, but realized that it was hard to tell others about all that they produce without sending people to numerous websites.

The creators behind Witness Radio and the Faith and Family Radio Show decided that they would create an online home where people around the world could go to find every type of content they create with a single website! Hence, http://www.MuniakMedia.com was launched.

However, with the launch of this new website, the Muniak Family wasn't satisfied to only offer their own content and would like to expand the options that are available to the public via an entire network of Christian media that focuses on equipping the saints and evangelizing the lost.

Therefore, Muniak Media is now looking for other solid Christian media creators to come alongside them as they build a network of unparalleled excellence.

Podcasters, YouTubers, Live Internet Shows, and all other mediums should express their interest in joining the Muniak Media Network via the contact page at http://www.MuniakMedia.com.