Richard Michael Erickson is an award winning artist based in San Diego, California. His high quality work can be seen across the United States, in Mexico, in private collections and in public spaces. With a fine arts background and gallery exhibitions for the last 20 years, Rik is fluent in fine art design, mural work, faux, fine art and other art related areas.

“My main goal is to produce “World Class Murals”...meaning visitors &/or art critics from anywhere
in the world will recognize my murals as the highest quality,  museum level works of art.
I go a long way to maintain my reputation as one of California's leading artists for my clients & myself.
This is a triple win for both myself, my clients & the viewer.”

Mediums fluent in include:
oil, acrylics, marble plasters, pastels, gold leaf, mixed media and wood. He produces wonderful landscape murals that are custom matched to the desires of his clients. He  also continues to produce & exhibit fine artist paintings in oils, acrylics, pastels, mixed media & many new emerging art techniques.