Music Spirit is passionate about maintaining the integrity and beauty of authentic music in an increasingly digital age. It produces and promotes R&B, Reggae, Latin, Caribbean, Blues, and Gospel singers and musicians who are confident in the distinct goodness of their own voices and music.

While Music Spirit is adept at utilizing technology, the technology is never the focus: the music is.

With a heart for creating and sustaining long-term relationships with artists, Music Spirit feels more like a family than a label. It values close relationships and works tirelessly to give artists a number of avenues to be heard. In addition to creating great albums, Music Spirit brings artists back into the public sphere and allows them to interact with community at events and live performances.

At Music Spirit, artists are not valued for what they produce but for who they are. Music Spirit believes in getting to know an artist as a person and bringing all of his or her gifts, talents and dreams together in a cohesive whole.

Music Spirit is not looking for “the next big thing.” Rather, it has its eye turned toward the thing that will last. Rather than manufacturing “hit songs” that will be quickly forgotten, Music Spirit is passionate about working with artists to produce songs that will still be meaningful long after the final note has been sung.