Jim and Will are true entrepreneurs and home business professionals, having launched several successful companies together and independently. One common thread throughout their respective work from home careers has been a desire to inspire entrepreneurs and develop leadership in others. Jim and Will combined their vision for Creating Yourself at the Top, a resource for emerging entrepreneurs and a portal to communicate with those who wish to work from home and take advantage of the Jim and Will’s network opportunities.

Will Byrd is currently engaged as the cofounder of an internet startup company, MultipleHealthQuotes.com; true to Will’s entrepreneurial drive, the venture is focused on health insurance for self-employed entrepreneurs. Will’s career includes experience in the hospitality, insurance, and IT sectors. He holds an IT Webmaster degree as well as being a serial entrepreneur.

Jim Monk serves as the President and CEO of Tritus Insurance Group. Since its inception, Jim’s responsibilities have included stratetgic planning and development, market analysis and product alignment, and overall operations. Prior to Tritus, Jim was the owner and president of a regional retail insurance agency. Jim’s experience also includes being cofounder of an internet start-up, providing executive search and placement services for the global IT industry. Jim holds multiple degrees focused on business management, organizational development, and international business.