MyCoachMatch.com was born to dramatically improve the quality of coaching-for both clients and coaches.  We do this by matching clients with certified coaches who are easy to connect with, leading to more breakthroughs in coaching.

How It Works:
We match clients with up to 10 coaches based on both personality fit and expertise. Not only is expertise important in a coach, but also the amount of comfort you have with your coach.  In fact, we believe that the better the rapport you have with your coach, the better the outcome can be.

“Research has shown again and again that the most important part of therapy or counseling is the positive and effective relationship you enjoy with your therapist or counselor.” – The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

We use our proprietary matching technology that leverages 23 criteria to match clients up with thier coach.  These criteria have been found to dramatically increase the probability of more immediate rapport and trust between you and your coach, thereby improving the likelihood of mutual satisfaction and successful coaching results.