Coaches…. Consultants…SpeakersFinally…Professional Virtual Event Assistance is Available
■Are you looking to increase your exposure this year?
■Want to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Read?
■Want to increase your traffic and credibility?
■Want to create the base for multiple information products?

Great! You are in the right place, because virtual events are the wave of the future and can a huge impact on your business.
Virtual events can build your credibility, generate traffic to your website, generate leads, give you the content for a multitude of information products and even produces a great income. But, as with anything worth having they can be a lot work to create and you have to be familiar with the technology. But, no worries…
MyTechMeetings specializes in helping you create, promote and host all types of virtual events, including teleseminars, webinars and telesummits. We can create everything for you or we can just guide you. Either way you get the help of a certified Virtual Event Specialist and a professional to facilitate your event.
There is proof positive that these events are the new way to generate leads, bring in new marketing materials and establish yourself as a leader in your field, but you may not know to put it all together or you may need assistance in figuring out which technology is going to be best for you, such as a teleseminar or a webinar or a live stream event. You may know the technology and just need some back up with it or help with converting it to useable marketing materials. MyTechMeetings is here to support your needs within your budget to help you bring results to your business.
I work with proven companies, sift through the technologies and have been certified as a Virtual Event Specialist through VAClassrooms.com. Let MyTechMeetings do the work for you so you can get on with your business of helping others.

This means you are looking to Gain Leads, Drive Traffic to your Website and Establish Credibility with your Clients while coming up with new Marketing Material for your business constantly, then Virtual Events are the way of the future for you and your clients.

About MyTechMeetings:

MyTechMeetings Mission is to provide you with the best Support Possible in order to achieve a successful, exciting, professional event.                                                                                    

My Tech Meetings goal is to help Coaches of all kinds (Business, Career, Financial, Health, etc. achieve their goals of generating qualified leads, establishing credibility with their clients, becoming a leader in their field and gaining fresh marketing materials to drive traffic to their website and bsuineess.

Shannon Holloway is the CEO and President of MyTechMeetings specializes in helping you create, promote and host all types of Virtual Events. As a certified as a Virtual Events Specialist she is familiar with all types of events including teleseminars, webinars, streaming video and LiveTalk Radio. Shannon utilizes her 10+ years of Sales experience to help you promote your event and monetize your event. As a a mother of 5 children and wife of 23 Army Aviation Veteran and a supporter of our community, Shannon can work with all types of people.  Shannon makes it a point to stay abreast of all technology and marketing to ensure that you are seen, heard and read.

As a woman in business Shannon understands that you need to generate leads, build credibility and generate revenue, which is why MyTechMeetings is committed to doing this and more for your business by ensuring you build your platform to be seen, be heard, be read by your prospects and clients
You can view more at: www.mytechmeetings.com. Sign up for free monthly information on using virtual events in your business.