myTrackBuddy is a software-as-a-service platform that business and factory automation using NFC or QR code as the primary interface.

Some of its applications include:
1. Customer Engagement - Store owners can convert ordinary posters and signs into high tech devices, collecting customer inquiries and purchases on-location.
2. Inventory Management - This app allows users to check out and return inventory, and notify suppliers when inventory starts to run low without any hardware requirement.
3. Time Attendance - Users can log hours and provide proof of location for off-site employees, managers can review information in real time.
4. Service Log - Users can access service history and record service notes on-location.

Here are some examples on apps that can be used together to form a process:
1. Managers can provide a better inventory distribution plan by viewing the statistical data of customer inquiries from all stores and inventory availability.

2. Plant managers can shift workers to different production lines based on available inventories, refill requests sent and workers' hours.

3. Plant managers can review service logs and service requests collected to estimate machine availability across production lines.