Speak to your family even after you pass away! Text them, Call them on phone, Leave videos, audios, documents, and much more! Because. As was said, "Family is not an important thing. It's everything."  and nothing can ever replace the void left by your absence: https://mytrustedwill.com

MyTrustedWill was built in 31 months by 4 senior software engineers with past experience in Google and Microsoft, including two AI systems that manage and ensure that all your requests are delivered, and includes several layers of security to ensure data privacy and encryption. the free account includes 75 SMS, 14 minutes of international calls, 50 MB storage, and unlimited emails!

MyTrustedWill was featured on ProductHunt.com, We're working to launch a translated versions for the website in five different languages, including special versions for deaf and blind because our services are for everyone! Support us by spreading the word with your network.