The Native American Chamber of Commerce serves the identified needs of the American Indian / Alaskan / Aleut / Native - owned businesses and will serve as a liaison with corporations, governmental, and educational institutions, businesses, public media, other civic and religious entities - and will facilitate communications with other community-based organizations. The NACC will strive diligently, in a 'corporate partnership' to support, endorse, educate, assist, counsel, and advocate - working for the positive benefit of our membership, while earning the trust and respect of the entire business community.

The Native American Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) membership organization utilizing the membership investment for operation of the Achievement Centers, business advocacy, business growth & recruitment, and promotion of the Native American community. The Native American Chamber of Commerce and its volunteer leadership are conscious that for its members to be successful those served must be successful.
Our Guiding Principles

The Chamber promises to...

  1. Demonstrate a valuable return on investment to our members
  2. Advocate for and serve as a watchdog for business
  3. Forge alliances to enhance the business climate and quality of life
  4. Stay committed to organizational excellence and our vision, mission and goals
  5. Engage and involve a diverse membership reflective of our community

The Chamber is:

   * Over 867 corporate and American Indian owned enterprises, in 43 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.
   * Governed by a 23 member board of directors that is representative of the range of businesses among the organization’s diverse membership.
   * A voice for the Native American business and professional community on critical and important issues.
   * 5 committees hard at work identifying and meeting the needs of our membership.
   * Setting and achieving goals that will assure that the Native American business community can reach full potential.
   * A platform for networking your business through expos, annual events, trade shows and many upcoming opportunities.