NaturalMantra.com is an e-commerce portal that provides all parents and eco-conscious shoppers the widest selection of natural, organic, handmade and earth-friendly products.  

Natura lMantra will provide a wide breadth of environmentally friendly mom-care, baby-care, kid-care and homecare products. Natural Mantra wants to lead the way in making it simple for parents to choose safe, smart and healthy products for their children. In essence Natural Mantra’s goal is to provide parents with healthy options, and eco-friendly products that support a healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle.

Founded by Nishant Nayak an ex-Ebay employee from San Jose, California. NaturalMantra.com is a start-up based in Mumbai, committed to the health of our children and our environment. NaturalMantra strongly believes that both the health of our kids and that of our planet are closely connected.