The Networking Diva Group - is an organization that facilitates activities and events where small start-up businesses have opportunities to network and promote their business with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

A company whose foundation is built on seasoned sales, promotion and marketing professionals, focuses on the ability to instantly create rapport and foster an environment where business owners can make strong connections and strategic alliances, thereby setting the stage for success.

The Networking Diva, a brand of The Networking Diva Group, was created without engaging a marketing company. The brand is becoming well known and successful, as well as having saved thousands of dollars. The Networking Diva Group encourages small businesses to employ this kind of promotional strategy in order to minimize marketing and advertising costs. The Networking Diva Group, connects you to a network of businesses and organizations and speaks to affordability rather than breaking the bank!

The Networking Diva Group is connected to a host of socially conscious business partners that are willing to work together, and at times, offer discounted products and services for members within the Alliance.

In 2012, The Networking Diva will be focused on growing, expanding and making The Networking Diva Group known through various mediums and marketing strategies. “Our aim is to grow The Networking Diva Group so that as it grows, so will opportunities for your business”

Get connected to your next strategic alliance by attending one of workshops or networking events hosted by The Networking Diva!