Photographic artist Paul Franklin Smith explores the junction between Neuroscience and Art by discussing sensation, perception, and the experience of creating and viewing art. Photo-based image compositions inspired by these ideas are available for purchase as art prints on archival quality photo paper, canvas, foam-core mounts, even glass or aluminum panels.

Ordering is done on the Neuronico Neuroscience & Art website (http://SEE.neuronico.net) via an attractive and easy-to-use web gallery and shopping cart, with secure online payment via major credit card or PayPal. These neuroscience-inspired art prints are fulfilled on-demand by Mpix and other world-class photography labs (depending on product ordered), and most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Unmounted art prints can be ordered on Fuji Pearl photographic paper, or visitors to SEE.neuronico.net can configure a variety of mounting options in sizes from 8x10 inches to full-size posters. Select from multiple framing options, or choose a foam-core display, canvas-wrapped panel, or the more exotic glass or aluminum panels, and your art will be shipped to you, pristine and ready-to-hang.

Illumination-Series images are digital photographic compositions which offer eclectic viewing experiences at different scales: close-up viewing might reveal a finely-detailed landscape, while from across the room, the same panel series might evoke mandala images or inkblots.

“Art is an alternate form of communication, which at its best says something that can’t be put into words" states Paul. "When I look at an image and feel something profound that I can’t quite put into words, I know I’m onto something. If I can live with that image for days or weeks and still feel some of that original wonder, I think perhaps somebody else might enjoy it too. If that delusion lasts through the process required to make it available in a variety of formats on the website (http://SEE.neuronico.net)... well… that's what gets it into the public eye. Public feedback and personal stories are what keep me going.”

Neuronico Mind & Vision (http://SEE.neuronico.net) is the first website to launch in a series exploring the junction between neuroscience and culture. It features the visual art and writing of Paul Franklin Smith, and offers neuroscience-inspired art prints and posters for purchase.