About TS-Marketing

Mission Statement
The foundation of TS-Marketing begins with the purpose of creating value. Not simply value in the sense of strictly quantifiable results, but value as an unequivocal respect for the customers, employees, leaders and the greater community that we serve.

It is the commitment of the TS-Marketing to never compromise the integrity of its training, product, and services, its progressive evolution, or the greater good of its members in the pursuit of monetary success.

To achieve these goals TS-Marketing has placed a premium effort on the notion of community. It is the theology of TS-Marketing that the cultivation of community and dialogue are the most effective, and exponentially explosive means of progress in business.

We are fundamentally committed to the success of each and every TS-Marketing associate, and strive to provide every possible resource to assist with their achievements. Such is the driving force behind the growth of any sustainable business.

We all share in the obligation of personal responsibility, both civically and as individual business owners. We seek to foster the development of solution driven, ethical, consistent, visionary, motivated and financially independent individuals, whom are a benefit to themselves, and their greater community.

Who We Are, What We Do and How We Do It
If you are not in free enterprise, you are working for someone who is. The difference between the two, in terms of potential for success and self-fulfillment, is vast. In a world that is reeling from lost opportunity, corporate irresponsibility, and mismanagement, we believe that it is possible for anyone who has the desire and the will, equipped with the proper education, to become a successful Internet-based entrepreneur.

Started as a single individual’s pursuit of secondary income, we are now the world’s fastest growing Internet Marketing, education and resource company. Found in well over 100 countries across the globe, we have organically grown by exercising a commitment to selfless sharing that has allowed us to leverage the business creativity of our greater community.

We start with a highly specified and acute marketing education curriculum not found in any traditional classroom. We empower anyone with the capacity to turn desire into action to build a successful Internet based business. A virtual university, comprised of other like minded, self taught and tested entrepreneurs, who have extended their expertise and experience for the benefit of our members.