NEW WORLD ELEGANCE jewelry designs, manufactures and sells handmade bead jewelry all over the world.

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Our collections feature many jewelry styles with the emphasis on quality workmanship and uniqueness in design. The highest quality materials and attention to details are characteristic of all our products.

Custom creations by special request are considered based upon length, size and color. Please enjoy all our designs and contact us for any special needs.

Who are we?


We are two people that love to produce beautiful bead jewelry. We take our lives and spend them in very beautiful places in the world and while there we are inspired to create designs with the vast array of bead materials. We experiment in new techniques and apply new ways to create super elegant, handmade, custom bead necklaces, earrings and bracelets amongst other things.

Our pieces are a reflection of our environment. Thus when we are near the ocean we create jewelry that makes us feel about the ocean and all things around and in it. Our team is simple and we work together as a pair to create bead jewelry items that we feel people will enjoy and love to wear. We consider each of our creations a collectable as well.

Our prototypes are reproduced in limited quantities and we strive to not over-produce but instead to create anew. We enjoy what we do and how our customers respond and cherish our jewelry creations.

About our elegant jewelry...

Each of our creations is made with the best natural materials possible. If you look at the photographs of our pieces you will see the natural flaws as they appear in natural gemstones, crystals and pearls. Our selection process is very demanding and extracts some of the most elegant and unique pieces available in bead jewelry. For example, most amber is from the Baltic and the pearls from the fresh waters.