A tremendous opportunity exists at the junction of messaging, artificial intelligence and the knowledge graph: a chance to make every conversation smarter and profit from that.

This opportunity represents the next great step in how people and their digital agents will create, share and consume the world's knowledge. This is the focus of all our work in artificial intelligence, semantics, m-commerce and messaging. As we witness the rise of personal software agents and machine learning, we also accept the fact that we now live in a knowledge based economy. Profound value can be created in helping machines understand our knowledge to figure out what we have done, what we are doing and to predict what is next.

To build this value we have positioned our technology to collect and record the many diverse contexts of how people use knowledge to relate to each other, places, events and things. This adds a new active social dimension to knowledge which allows agents and machines to understand and anticipate our needs. This new dimension preserves the human complexity and color of how people relate and engage knowledge on the web and in native applications.

We call this 'the social knowledge graph' and with it, we are able to deliver a new layer of value to consumers and business on top of the current knowledge infrastructure of the internet. This layer will be invaluable for the next generation of agents performing search, predictive and active tasks on behalf of their users. Knowledge is power.