Your Challenging Space is our Passion!
Often, the greatest challenge is finding the time and resources to tackle a challenging space. You need to know that it is possible to create the vision you have, and you are not alone in this desire.

Many families today are experiencing an overload of information, activities, and “stuff” cluttering their home.  Maybe you have committed to organizing your home on your own.  You dedicated a weekend to tackle one space at a time, only to become so overwhelmed with the decisions to make, you decided to wait until you had “more time”.  Unfortunately, more time never came.

So many individuals, like you, are working full time in or outside of the home.  With busy family life, on top of the growing list of “to-do’s”, there is little time left for family fun and friends.

Sylvia will work with you to create functional and stylish spaces.  Here’s what to expect:
■Customized solutions to fit your budget
■Development of new strategies that will work for you and your unique “style”
■Clear communication of the steps involved
■Arrangements made with “referred” service providers, such as painters and IT’s, should it be necessary to see the project to completion
■Piece of mind knowing that you will be taken care of every step of the way. You will have continued support, even when the sessions come to an end.