Many a few years ago a group of planet wanderers temporarily(!!) put up their rafts, snowboards, surfboards, cameras and decided to make some permanence. Not necessarily a home of permanence, but a permanent presence. A social work degree backing the idea, a company of sorts began to formulate. A company at the grass roots level. A company of the common folk, not backed by corporate thugs, just your ordinary folks. The money raised to begin this journey of business was done by Chris who spent many summers camped out along the colorado river working as a raft guide and stashing every pay check . The winters were spent snowboarding, strolling through central america, or writing the greatest story Never told. The company began out of a 69 vw office. that van was home, office, and factory. things got crowded, so moved to different locals and bought a bigger van. todays' world is the "nomadic state of mind", whether it be walking, driving, surfing the web or interplanetary wandering. "nomadic" stems from the latin word "wanderer". keep it real- is our pledge to you. We feel in today's wealth addicted society it is possible to provide consumers with a company whom attempts to function as a business in which all people involved with our company perform an active role and win. our "office", and shipping is based presently out of North Carolina. Although we still spend alot of our time on the road- someone is always around to take your order, death threat, or question. Find our Nomadic family at live events, on the phone, or packing sandals.