Nutty Steph's makes delicious small batch granola and chocolates in Middlesex, Vermont. The company uses high quality ingredients such as Vermont Maple Syrup and single source Ecuadorian chocolate.

Nutty Steph's began in October, 2003 when (former math teacher) Jaquelyn Rieke aka Steph needed a new, challenging but unrestrictive job. Rieke's mother suggested that she start a part time business with pure Vermont maple syrup and that phenomenal granola recipe she had up her sleeve from way back. This was, after all, the land known for its maple syrup and other specialty, delicious, natural foods. Within a week of mom's suggestion, Rieke whipped up a batch of her all-natural, Vermont Granola and peddled it to the bulk bins of the 5 largest Vermont food co-ops. The Vermont Granola sales topped those of the national granola brands practically over night and that "part time" plan was out the window. Rieke and her crew of 8 have been at it, full-tilt-boogie, ever since. This granola is terrific and we're not afraid to say so. Eat your heart out. And enjoy!