When you use an experienced OvaTek consultant, you tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience of someone who has been in the telecommunications, datacenter, cloud and internet industries for many years and has experience working with many technologies, carriers and service providers. An OvaTek consultant will have experience dealing with almost every telecommunications provider out there, best of breed cloud and datacenter providers. We also have extensive experince working with all the web technologies. We will tell you how they really perform. Who has the most reliable network? Who has billing problems? Who is going bankrupt? Who has service issues? Who can make the desired install date? What web development and online marketing approaches bring the best results. When using an OvaTek consultant, you don’t have to listen to “The Company Story” for each carrier, as they always tend to dress up their deficiencies. With OvaTek you get to hear the TRUTH.

We are invested in a long term relationship with your company. Some things you should be aware of if dealing directly with a service provider. When you work with a direct sales representative for a service provider, one that may be here today and gone tomorrow, they are paid only to bring in the sale. There is absolutely no incentive for a direct sales rep to ever speak to you again after you sign the dotted line. As we all know in the world of corporate sales, comp plans drive behavior, and sales reps are specifically told, "If the customer has a problem, send them to the Help Desk. Do not get involved. You are paid ONLY to bring in new business." It’s sad but true. However, because OvaTek consultants are paid by commission only and on a residual basis, our entire business model is based upon building a portfolio of happy, long term customers.