Oak Tree Seed Company is a seller of Organic Vegetable Seed, Heirloom Vegetable Seed, Tree, Shrub, Grass, Cacti, Succulent, Palm, and many other exotic seeds, from all over the world. We currently have over 10,400 species and cultivars, (and subclasses online that cover all interests for the home grower. In addition, we have access to thousands more species worldwide.
Established in 1987, in Southern New Jersey, and located just outside of the beautiful and pristine Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey, we have been selling exotic, common, and hard to find seeds on the world market for many years. We strive to provide excellent service, a well trained staff, and knowledgeable assistance when and where needed.
Starting in 1994 we have added Certified Organic, Heirloom, and privately grown vegetable, fruit, and other seeds to our seed stock offerings.  Whit this, our Seed Catalog has flourished to include over 10,000 different types of seeds, covering all locations of the globe.
We provide hands on information, data, and all of the needed information for you to grow the seeds that you have been desperately searching for, and can never seem to find. Now you have found them.
Oak Tree Seed Company is a mail order only company. We produce a catalog 3 times a year, April, August, and December.  We strive to keep the catalog as current as possible, and include all items that are currently available, as well as a listing of seed that we expect in soon, and are looking for supplier for.  If you are not on our mailing list, you may visit our website that carries all of our items in any quantity that you desire, with all information relating to the species, cultivar, botanical, and other pertinent information.
Our line includes, but is not limited to:
Tree Seeds Shrub Seeds Fruit Tree Seeds Nut Tree Seeds Flowering Tree Seeds Grass Seeds Ornamental Seeds Alpine Seeds Xeriscaping Seeds Succulent Seeds Cacti Seeds Cycad Seeds Tropical Seeds Bonsai Seeds Palm Tree Seeds Banana Tree Seeds Vegetable Seeds Herb Seeds Palm Seeds Cold Hardy Seeds Heirloom Seeds Crop Seed (Small to medium sized growers) Forage/Feed Seeds Indoor Plant Seeds Rare & Exotic Seeds Hard to find seeds from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, South America, Central America, Oceania, and elsewhere
And just about any other kind of seeds you may want (If you do not see what you would like to have, please contact us and we can and will obtain it for you immediately!)
All seeds are collected from local farms, fields, and private growers the world over. Please inquire about open pollination if you are concerned. Exotic specimens are collected in the same manner; with the local owner being compensated for either collection or the permit to do so. All seeds are tested for viability and are true to the stated name/species. We will answer any questions you may have regarding any of the species that we carry.
Oak Tree Seed Company provides all taxonomic, botanical, and other data available for all of your purposes. If you require specific directions for your USDA Zone or equivalent, please contact us, and we will be happy to help where we can.
For more information, to place an order, or to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your seed needs, requirements, or growing information, please use the contact information listed below.