Ogunte is an organisation that develops and connect women social innovators and put some life into their social ventures!

What we want to achieve: A critical mass of women with socially bold, innovative and robust ideas leading the social economy.

Why is it important? By taking them out of the shadows and connecting them to influential stakeholders, we make them independent professionals, we boost local and global welfare and have a positive social impact on their wider networks.

Our mission: We boost women's talent, systems and social impact.. The women we work with can be individuals, social entrepreneurs, members of campaigning organisations, sme's, larger public and private organisations, who, by their activities, can become influential social leaders, provide practical solutions to social and environmental needs, and change many people’s lives for the better.

We call these women Social Innovators.

Our services include:

Strategic Networking & Marketing (www.globaltribal.co.uk)
Social Enterprise Coaching & Business Development
Innovative Business Support tools (Beesmap)
Creating a social business out of public services (InWealth)
Women's Social Leadership Awards
Access to Venture Capital (Due diligence support)

We run a great network of women social leaders and innovators called The Global Tribal Network, counting over 850 exclusive members.
Tips, news and opinions are shared on www.globaltribal.co.uk

Follow us on twitter @ogunte @globaltribal @Beesmap